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What kind of Fruit Snack are you?

Everyone eats “fruta picada,” but do you know what fruit snack you are? Here’s a fun way to reveal the fruit snack that best matches your personality based on your sweet tooth.

“La Sweetie” – You are the sweet and adventurous type. The snacks you like, satisfy your energy level and who cares if they add a little sugar to your cravings. You are just committing to changing the way you “eat healthy,” by not sacrificing the good stuff – a risk taker at heart.

You are the “Bionico.” 

The recipe – 1 cup each, of the following: strawberries, apple, papaya, and sliced banana. Then, you need to make the cream, you will need ⅓ cup plain yogurt, ⅓ cup sweetened condensed milk, ⅓ cup Mexican crema and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. Blend all these ingredients and set aside. In a large bowl, mix the fruit and serve in individual portions and add the cream mixture to those individual portions. You can add some additional toppings to give it an extra boost like Granola and honey to taste. This recipe serves 2-3.

You will not be disappointed. This is everything you ever wanted in a snack.

“La Basic” – You are simple, and to the point. You stick to the rules and take minimal risk, what is wrong with that? Sometimes you step out of your comfort zone and want a little bit of spice in your life. 

The snack for you is, “Fruta con Tajin”.

The recipe – peel and cut the following fruit in slices: ½ watermelon, 1 jicama, 1 cucumber, 1 mango, and 1 pineapple. Cut 2 lemons. In a bowl, mix the fruit and add the lemon juice and Tajin® to taste.  This recipe serves 4.

It can’t get any simpler than that. Basic for life!

“La Loca” – You are always up for a challenge and seek excitement that sparks your adrenaline. You are full of ideas and bring them to life spontaneously with those who happen to be around you. You are the life of the party and people love it. 

The snack that gets you going is, “La Sandía Loca.”

The recipe – first, cut the watermelon in half horizontally and carve out the chunks leaving it hollow inside. This half will serve as a bowl for the rest of the ingredients. Make clever watermelon shapes like stars and save the remaining watermelon for another use. Cut a pineapple into chucks and stars. Ready some strawberries, mango, jicama, chamoy, tajin, lemons, tamarindo candy sticks and hot sauce. We didn’t share any quantities. Don’t worry, play it by ear, you’re crae. Remember?

Put the watermelon chunks, pineapple chunks, mango slices and cut jicama in a large bowl. Add the chamoy, tajin, lemon juice and hot sauce and mix to combine. Pour the fruit into the half hollow watermelon. Then decorate with the star skewers and the tamarind candies. Sprinkle with more tajin over the top and serve. Add more toppings to taste.  This recipe serves 4-5.

Enjoy your “Crazy” Watermelon. 

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