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What Does Loroco Taste Like?

Loroco is native to Central America, and also used to be called “Quilite”, which in the indigenous language means “Edible herb”. It consists of small, green, unopened flower buds and it’s taste is a cross between mild broccoli and squash.

It is a perennial plant that produces flowers from May to October in El Salvador, but with irrigation can produce year-round. It is a tropical plant that grows best with average temperatures between 68 and 90° F.

The flowers are harvested and used in the cuisine of El Salvador and some other countries in Central America. It has a unique, pungent flavor that is used in pupusas, a corn-based food popular in El Salvador.

Loroco is propagated principally by seed, but can also be propagated by cuttings. It takes about three to four months from seed to flowering


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