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Ghoulish Monster Burgers

These monster burgers are fun Halloween meals perfect for your Halloween weekend dinner menu.

Have fun with the kids this Halloween Season making these delicious Monster Burgers!

First off, buy some quality ground meat (beef, turkey, vegetarian – whatever you think is best). As always, you’re going to need the usual; burger rolls, cheese slices, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, ketchup, mustard, lettuce (The Yoozh) . For this ghoulish wonder, you’re also going to need lengthwise pickle slices, toothpicks and olives. All these together make for one of our favorite Halloween food ideas!

Cook the burgers, and once ready, assemble your Monster Burgers by adding the spooky attributes. Add scary teeth by creating sharp corners on your cheese slices. Insert the lengthwise pickle slice to form a tongue. Add the toothpicks with olives on the top bun for eyes. This can all be complimented with a messy addition of ketchup (for the blood).

Have a Happy Halloween!

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