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Business to Business Partnerships

We now have Tortilleria products available for bulk purchase through Business to Business Partnerships. Learn more below.

Signature Tortilleria Products

Cardenas Markets is committed to providing the most authentic offerings and freshest products that celebrate life, our rich culture and its traditions. We are excited to extend our exceptional line of Cardenas Signature Tortilleria Products to local businesses, restaurants and food service industries.

On this page, you’ll discover our “always fresh, and always authentic” Tortillería product line that will elevate and enhance your food offerings.

Tortilla Chips


Cardenas Markets Tortilla Chips are crafted with superior whole grain corn flour, perfect to pair with salsa.

• Chips Estilo Casero 16oz (4/case)
• Chips Estilo Mexicano 16oz (6/case)
• Tostadas Botanera 26ct (20/case)
• Tostadas Rancheritas 22ct (16/case)


Cardenas Markets Corn Tortillas can be used to complement a variety of classic Mexican recipes. This ready-to-eat, corn tortilla is made from Nixtamal corn flour and has a super soft texture.

• 4” Corn Tortillas 60ct (15/case)
• 6” Corn Tortillas 75ct (8/case)
• 6” Corn Tortillas 100ct (8/case)
• 6.25” Corn Tortillas 48ct (12/case)


Cardenas Markets Flour Tortillas can be used for a variety of recipes from tacos, burritos and fajitas. Our “Sonora” style is a customer favorite.

• 5” Sonora Style 18ct (24/case)
• 8” Sonora Style 10ct (12/case)
• 12” Sonora Style 10ct (12/case)
• 5” Regular Style-25ct (25/case)
• 8” Regular Style-10ct (12/case)


Cardenas Markets Masa is freshly made in-house with our original recipe containing 100% Nixtamal. With our Masa, you’ll be making the best tasting tortillas and tamales. Inquire about selected stores for availability.

• Masa for Tortillas
• Masa for Tamales
• Masa-White
• Unprepared Masa

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