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Press release

2023 Scholarship Program

The Cardenas Markets Foundation increases Total Scholarship Funds in 2023

Ontario, California (January 10, 2023) – The Cardenas Markets Foundation continues its commitment to supporting the communities it serves by providing $192,000 in scholarship funds to students in the areas where Cardenas Markets operates.

In sum, 64 scholarships of $3,000 each will be awarded for the 2023 academic year, which reflects a $15,000 increase in total scholarship funds from the 2022 academic year.

Recipients will be selected based on their academic qualifications, financial need, leadership attributes and commitment to serving their local community.

“Founded by a young man who immigrated to the United States and built a successful business for his family, Cardenas Markets embodies the spirit of the American Dream. Today, that legacy continues through the efforts of the Cardenas Markets Foundation Scholarship Program,” said Adam Salgado, President for the Cardenas Markets Foundation. “We understand that education is key to achieving the American Dream, and we are committed to ensuring higher education remains attainable and within financial reach for local students in the communities where Cardenas Markets operates,” he added.

Students can learn more and apply by visiting

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