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Impress “La Suegra” with Our Products

Going to your Suegra’s house or is she coming over? Don’t sweat it! Check out the perfect Mother In Law Survival Guide and take note of these tips. You’ll be sure to impress!

Ready to Eat

“La Suegra” has very high standards and you sure want to live up to that. Pick-up some ready to eat authentic food that will score you some points with her.  Follow these simple tips and shopping list below for an authentic meal. You will not disappoint her! 

First, head over to your local Cardenas Markets. Then the shopping begins…

Let’s get an appetizer that will make your family happy. You can’t go wrong withChips and Salsa. Pick up a bag of Tortilla chips from our Tortillería department and your salsa of choice from La Cocina’s grab and go section. 

Next, you need to get something to drink that will be refreshing. The best beverage we have is our freshly madeAguas Frescas. Also available in our Cocina in a large jug. We have over 10 flavors to choose from, the most popular are Agua de chia con Limon, Horchata and Jamaica. 

For the main course and most challenging choice, you will enjoy our authentic carnitas made traditionally out of the cazo. Don’t forget your bag of bolillo from bakery, to make those delicious “tortas de carnitas.”

Finally, you can’t forget the dessert, our delicious Flan, available in the grab and go section in our pastry department. Our flan will be your suegra’s favorite. Enjoy!

Here is your Shopping list serving 4 -5 people. 

  • (1) bag of Cárdenas Tortilla Chips
  • (1) 16 oz container of Salsa of your choice. 
  • (1) 64 oz Agua Fresca Jug
  • (4) LBS of Carnitas
  • (1) bag of 10 count of Bolillo or ten (10) bolillos
  • (1) 8-inch Flan

Suggested Recipe

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