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Have you ever tried a jackfruit?

Have you come across a jackfruit in our stores? They’re those large, green, prickly, watermelon sized fruits with yellow flesh and large seeds. Here’s how to cut and enjoy them!

Jackfruit is a healthy option for meat replacement. They’re part of the fig and breadfruit species. It is a fruit that grows in tropical areas and it’s a great heart-healthy option with all necessary nutrients we all need. Here are some tips on how to pick and cut a jack fruit.

Look for dark spots on the jackfruit. It should smell like juicy fruit gum. Then, get ready to cut but be careful because the inside is super sticky.

First, cover your knife with oil and cover your cutting area with saran wrap and if you’d like wear some gloves.

Then, cut along the middle. Cutting can be tough so don’t give up. It takes strength, endurance, and determination to complete. 

Now you are all done with cutting, but it’s time to take out the pods and take out the seeds. The seeds can be roasted, and the pods can be used as a meat substitute. You can use it to make a pulled pork style sandwich or use it in any other recipe that requires shredded chicken or pork.

TADA! You are all done. Enjoy.

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