The best sweet bread; bolillo, telera, and cinnamon shells (conchas de canela) are at your local Cardenas Market.

Our warm and crunchy bolillo, bread of the dead (pan de muerto), three kings bread (rosca de reyes) and our Salvadoran quesadilla with a traditional flavor will remind you of your traditions.

Every day you will find cinnamon shells (conchas de canela), muffins, bolillo stuffed with cheese and regular and wheat teleras.

Our variety of fresh breads are baked daily so you can always find warm bread.

Pair any of our breads with a delicious traditional hot chocolate (champurrado) prepared from our original recipe at our stores.

Our bakery department has an extensive and a variety of bread that you prefer.

Authentic Mexican Bread

Shells (Conchas)
Sweet Bread (Pan Dulce)
Coffee Cake (Pan de Café)
Corn Bread (Pan de Elote)
Carnival Bread (Pan de Feria)
Bolillo with stuffed Cheese
Ears Sweet Bread (Orejas)
Muffins (Mantecadas)